Easy Fast Binding – Ankerfix

New binding rubber for fastening plants.
The UV resistant rubber with the advantage of fast tying.
And always reusable and has a long shelf life.
For many crops, the tying in the growth process is a large amount of work
and here by the product Ankerfix a simple fast solution could be found!

The rubber also has the advantage that the crops such as fruit, wine and kiwi crops are mainly very stable
are tied off and do not slip in the process.


The proven mass in crops are:
5cm with 750 pieces/kg For new plants especially in orchards , viticulture, kiwi, hops and other tree crops.
8cm with 500 pieces/kg For perennial plants mainly in orchards, vineyards, hops and other tree crops.
16cm with 230 pieces/kg For older plants in fruit, viticulture and many other tree crops.
Package: 20×1 Kg in carton